"Zabeth uses her intuitive healing touch and the cranial sacral therapy to assist me in my healing. Her inner wisdom is always in sync with what my body, mind, spirit need in the session. I leave feeling whole, healed, loved and as a healer and therapist myself, I absolutely respect her gifts." - Lisa J.

"In Zabeth's hands, my body melted like chocolate on a warm sunny day. Oh, so yummy and I just feel so relaxed. My body feels heard  without saying a word. Zabeth seems to touch, see, and speak directly to the deepest corners of my mind, body and spirit. Receiving from Zabeth is a practice in receiving unconditional love. So, so, so beautiful and healing. Thank you, Zabeth for sharing your clarity and gifts with the world!" - Christine M.

"She totally relaxed my body. When I have my head in her hands, I can totally let go. She let me be and doesn't try to fix me. It's this feeling I want to have when I let go - total surrender to a higher power. It really takes all the pain away. It's hard to explain how it feels because you have to experience it." - Diane P.

"Not only Zabeth does help my whole family relax and feel better, she also helps my learning disabled students relax and learn better!"-Dianne L. O, Ph.D, BCET.

"Zabeth's work is gentle, yet incredibly effective. Her healing work is like a dance with my body/mind/spirit and we are in perfect time , to beautiful music. She is so in -tune with my body. She is a truly gifted healer, and every session brings deeper levels of health and vitality. She does craniosacral work and so much more, with a deep awareness of her client, and an understanding of each person as unique energy. Her sessions relax clients much more than sleep, like a great meditation with no effort, just connection. I experience love, light and healing-leaving with a profound sense of well-being"-Lynda F.

"Unexplainable serenity, a massage for the soul. You empty yourself and the universe comes to you"-Christelle M.

"Zabeth, you are so magically healing, I was amazed at how that cranial work you did released old, old tension and stress. I thank you for that. Really for all the work you have done on me. Because of all the crazy things that happened in my life since I've known you, I think one of the big reasons I made it through all of that was because of your healing work." -Linda S.